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Statutory framework
Early Years Foundation Stage

Like all childminders, I am regularly inspected by Ofsted and I work within the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework. This document was published in September 2012 and details the legal obligations of childminders. It has two main parts: "The learning and development requirements" and "The safeguarding and welfare requirements".
You can find the complete version here
and you can find the easy-to-read Parents' Guide to this same document here (scroll down - look for EYFS For Parents).
Another interesting document that childminders use and that is a good reference for parents as well is Development Matters (here, scroll down and look for Development Matters 2012). It is a detailled description of how most children develop in a wide variety of areas, between 0 and 5. It is not a checklist of what your child "should" do, but a very interesting read as it suggests "what adults could do" and "what adults could provide" within each of these areas and stages.
As per the statutory requirements, I do regular observations of your child's progress in the seven areas of learning and development. These observations are then linked to Development Matters (see above) and inform the childminder's choice of activities in the future to enable good learning.
We can regularly review your child's progress together.
I follow the PACEY policies. Parents receive a copy of all may policies for signature before we start our working relationship.
I will happily discuss any aspect of the above with you!
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