French childminder in Blackheath - OFSTED OUTSTANDING childcare all in French!
Our weekly activities
We go out every day in the morning. In the afternoon, we stay at home after school pick up to enjoy some group activities.
Following is a choice of activities for each day of the week – with some flexibility built-in! 
Mondays: in the MANOR HOUSE area
Choice of activities:
1 - “Stay and Play”
Manor House Children’s Centre
2 - visit library
3 - play at Manor House Garden
4 – visit Pistacchio’s café
Benefits to the children:
Walking to the Manor House area
Being outside, pleasant walk on back roads, walking past the Montessori nursery
Being in Manor House
Being in a beautiful and newly refurbished building
Being in a child-friendly environment with trained helpers
Enjoying other children’s company
Attending Stay and Play
Attending a play session led by professionally trained children workers
Using new toys
Doing crafts
Listening to stories
Visiting the library
Being surrounded by books, “reading” or having a book read
Seeing other children enjoying books or colouring at the same table
Playing in the play area or the enclosed grass area or walking around the pond in Manor House Gardens
Enjoying a safe, well-maintained, enclosed park with a large choice of activities
Observing the ducks
Possibly making friends
Sometimes policemen on horses come to the park
Visiting Pistacchio’s café
Having a child-friendly, warm shelter nearby
Observing the wooden toys and creative decorations
Tuesdays: in the GREENWICH area
Choice of activities:
1 - “Play Tuesdays”
Greenwich Maritime Museum
2 – visit child-friendly Information Centre, Painted Hall, Chapel
3 – visit the children section of Waterstone’s
4 - walk around university, observe Cutty Sark, the boats on the river
5 - play in Greenwich Park playground
6 – visit child-friendly café such as Costa in Waterstone’s.
Benefits to the children:
Walking to Greenwich
Being outside, enjoying the outstanding beauty of the Heath and Greenwich Park
Being in Greenwich Museum or the Information Centre or the Painted Hall or the Chapel
Being in a magnificent world-class setting
Having a choice of venues to visit
Observing the amazing collections and child-friendly displays
Attending Play Tuesdays
Being taught by a trained professional
Being part of a group
Doing crafts inspired by world-class artistic objects
Listening to, and sometimes making, music
Listening to stories
Visiting the children section of Waterstone
Being in a very child-friendly environment rich in attractive books
Observing the fish in their aquarium
Walking around the Cutty Sark, the university, near the river
Being in a historic, outstanding environment, observing the people, the boats, the Cutty Sark
Playing in the park or in the playground
Enjoying this wide, gorgeous park and the highly stimulating and well-designed playground
Choice of activities:
1 – at home doing pre-planned activities, including in the garden
2 – go for a children-lead walk near the house
Benefits to the children:
Doing pre-planned activities in the house or garden
Progressing in our learning with tailor-made activities
Having a relaxing day
Enjoying books and each other’s company
Playing quietly with chosen toys
Playing outside in the garden
Going for a children-led walk near the house
Being outside
Exploring surroundings of house
Spending time in observations of surroundings
Thursdays: at the FRENCH PLAYGROUP
Choice of activities:
“Diabolo – French playgroup”
Kingswood Hall
9.30 to 11.30
Benefits to the children:
Developing friendships with children that we see every day on the way to school
Having a large indoors hall to run around in
Enjoying a variety of toys including slides, small trampolines and seesaw, tricycles
Doing crafts
Being in a French-speaking environment
Fridays: at the LIBRARY
Choice of activities:
1 - “Story time”
Blackheath Library
2 – “Toddlers Tales”
Lewisham library
3 – visit shops or child-friendly café in Blackheath
4 – visit Lewisham market and choose fruit or vegetables
5 – use playground on Independants Road (Blackheath)
Benefits to the children:
Attending Story Time or Toddlers Tales
Listening to chosen stories read by a trained reader
Enjoying other children’s company
Being surrounded by books, “reading” or having a book read
Choosing some books to borrow
Visiting café and shops in Blackheath
Becoming familiar with everyday experiences, learning about the world
Visiting Lewisham market and picking fruit or vegetables
Being in a colourful environment
Observing the fruit and vegetables on display and choosing some for own consumption
Using playground on Independants Road
Having a chance to spend some time outside in a safe enclosed small playground
We are blessed with a wide selection of venues and activities all within walking distance. That enables us to cover all aspects of the children’s learning whilst retaining the flexibility to decide what to do each day according to the weather, the children’s mood or the chance to explore further a question of interest we might have been talking about. Occasionally we might swap days (go to a “regular” venue on a different day), and for outings outside of these regular activities parental permission will be asked.
Isn't there just so much to do??
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