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Our daily routine
Our daily routine allows for a variety of activities, and always includes: a lot of time outside, healthy meals, and a quiet time after lunch.
Following is an outline of a typical day.
Drop off: from 7.30. Children are in their clothes for the day and with a clean nappy on, I give them a good breakfast (such as porridge).
Going out: around 9.30, to playgroup or to play outside (please refer to our weekly activities). We spend a lot of time outdoors and walk everywhere.
Lunch: with freshly cooked vegetables, a variety of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, couscous, polenta, potatoes etc), proteins (fish, poultry, eggs, meat,...), and yoghurt or cheese. We never have any processed or “junk” food whatsoever. 
Quiet time: from about 12.45 to about 2.45.
Afternoon: after collecting "the big girls" from school at 3.15 (5 min walk), we do an activity all together at home, such as sticking, painting, playdough. I do not look after any other after-school children.
Dinner: from 4.30 aiming to be finished for 5.30, it is usually a hearty portion of carbs with a protein-rich sauce (pasta bolognaise, rice with tuna sauce, potatoe with melted cheese...). Occasionally we might have the treat of a home-baked cake.
Pick up: any time up to 6pm, an oral summary of the activities of the day, naps and food eaten, as well as any comment, is given to the collecting parent each evening - plus your child's arty creations!!!
I trust this routine allows the children to get all they need from their day including some time in a group and some quiet time, some time outside, at home, and in various beautiful buildings... and as a result they feel satisfied and enriched.
Any question please ask !
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