French childminder in Blackheath - OFSTED OUTSTANDING childcare all in French!
Food is for me a matter of the utmost importance – particularly for the children as their growing bodies need very good nutrients as building blocks. I never offer the children sweets, crisps of any kind, or processed foods. For water, the children have constant access to their designated water bottle and may have milk as part of their daily portions of dairy.
Below is an overview of our daily meals – for children who are not yet on solids, I just blend that same food into a puree (making sure the current recommendations on salt intake are respected).
- organic porridge or organic Weetabix with organic milk (unless parents wish to provide another milk), organic brown pita bread or brown bread.
I offer children their breakfast as they get dropped off.
- vegetables (such as tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, peppers etc),
- and carbohydrates (brown rice, wheat, corn, potatoes, couscous...),
- and proteins (white fish, fat fish, egg, meat, poultry, all freshly cooked)
- dairy (organic greek-style yoghurt or cheese)
We have lunch all together around the kitchen table, it is the meal of the day that is the longest and during which I take the time to encourage the children to eat even what they might not be used to, to learn patience when they are finished before the others, to feed themselves if appropriate, and to enjoy some quality time together.
- a hearty portion of carbs with protein-rich sauce. For example pasta with meat-rich sauce, potatoes with melted cheese, rice with salmon, rice noodles with ham and sauce...
- fruit or veg (same as above)
- home made soup...
My daughters are keen bakers so we are regularly treated to her cakes, sometimes I make pancakes, it makes for a nice atmosphere!
I offer the children a wide variety of foods that are home-cooked and fresh, with strictly no junk food, so they have a balanced diet to keep them healthy and happy.
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