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Contract and payments
I am a member of PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years) and I use their official contract to set out clearly the terms of the agreement between myself and the parents.
My usual fees amount to £120 a day (£11.50 an hour), 48 weeks a year (4 weeks free).
My opening hours are 7.30am to 6pm.
At the beginning of the working relationship, I invite parents and child for a number of visits to my setting, until the child is comfortable in the setting and the parents are happy to leave their child with me.
We calculate the monthly fee based on the weekly fee x 48 weeks and divided by 12 to make it a monthly amount. Monthly payments are set up by direct debit from the day the child starts (any day in the month). 
I accept childcare vouchers.
A 6-week notice is required from either party to terminate the arrangement.
There is no fee increase throughout your child's time with me. However if a second child starts up later, the current fee then would apply.
Training is attended out of working hours.
My setting is closed during bank holidays although the usual fee applies.
I take 2 weeks of paid holidays and 4 weeks on unpaid holidays each year, for a total of 30 days (not including bank holidays), of which only 10 are paid and 20 are unpaid. I hope that with advanced notice, parents can arrange for alternative care possibly with the grandparents.
Dates for forthcoming holidays are:

28/5 to 31/5/2019 incl
29/7 to 16/8/2019 incl
23/12 to 27/12/2019 incl
I do my best to control germs in my setting. The house is kept clean, children wash or disinfect their hands after they have been to the toilet, before they eat, and after any messy activity. Because we spend a lot of time outdoors, and because I care for a small number of young children, there is a reduced risk of germs spreading. I believe healthy food also plays a role in making children stronger and more resistant.
However, children do sometimes become unwell.
If a child becomes unwell whilst in my care, parents are contacted to collect the child and take him/her home. If a child has diarrhoea or an infectious disease, they need to be kept at home - when in doubt, it might be necessary to check with the child’s GP. Please note that although a child might be unable to attend due to sickness, the usual fee still applies. 
In case I suddenly become unavailable to your child due to illness or bereavement or other force majeure, I will let you know as soon as possible and endeavour to help find alternative childcare. There will be no charge for the days I can’t offer my services as usual. This happens extremely rarely.
Preschool – nursery
As far as pre-school is concerned, I can easily accommodate pre-school at John Ball Nursery. Other arrangements will need to be discussed as my other minded children need to attend their regular playgroups/activities, and my own children have to be collected at 3.15 from John Ball School. In any case, my usual full daily fee is charged. 

Please note that on the other hand, all playgroups/activities/outings (as well as all material and toys used at home) are paid for by myself as they are part of my weekly routine.
By being very open about all the “small print”, I hope to start a relationship of trust and cooperation with the parents of the children I look after. Please do ask any question you might have!
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