French childminder in Blackheath - OFSTED OUTSTANDING childcare all in French!
All in French!
I am a French teacher at heart and actively teach the language to the children in my care.
Teaching experience
I am a French national, and I hold a four-year degree in French literature specialising in teaching French as a foreign language. I taught French in universities (in the United States for a year as a teaching assistant and at Greenwich University for a term before I had my first child), in companies (investment banks in Canary Wharf), and for 12 years I taught French privately in Greenwich and Blackheath. I have a YouTube channel about French grammar with over 500 subscribers (!).
Teaching your child
As a childminder, I am very keen to make a difference for your child by teaching them French just as I did with my own children (two girls now aged 10 and 12) who are now perfectly bilingual. 
Teaching children a foreign language from an early age is such a privilege that I put all my energy into making sure they learn all they can, including a perfect pronunciation.
In addition to my own teaching knowledge, I have a wealth of French resources including many books and CDs such as Petit Ours Brun or L’âne Trotro. My great pleasure is to teach traditional songs to the children, I have a reference book that I use regularly to sing together these national treasures.
Your child's linguistic background
I will be happy to look after children from English-speaking families as well as families using French or any other language at home. Please rest assured that my pronunciation, my knowledge of French grammar and my willingness to actively teach are second to none.
I'll happily discuss any aspect of the above with you.
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